‘‘I didn’t choose to become an artist.
Inspired by the natural world it was written on my DNA!’’

Bettws Hall

Produced in partnership with Bettws Hall.
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Recognised Talent

Terence Lambert’s career was launched following his art education at Guildford school of Art in the early seventies with several books of his paintings published by Collins. The first, ‘Lambert’s Birds of Garden and Woodland’, was published in eight languages. He was quickly recognised as an important new talent in the ornithological world. He had discovered a new language for illustrating wildlife. The birds and habitat had an authenticity, accuracy and personality… his birds lived.

Natural World

Past projects have taken him on expeditions across the Himalayas, Africa, and North America and to Oman where he was commissioned to produce six paintings for the Sultan of Oman. Other major collectors include the McCartney’s and the Astor family.

‘‘I didn’t choose to become an artist. Inspired by the natural world it was written on my DNA!’’

Wildlife Art

His work has been selected for many of the worlds most prestigious wildlife exhibitions, including: The Leigh Yawkey Art Museum in Wisconsin, USA and the inaugural show for the Society of Wildlife Art for the Nation in the Guildhall London. In 1999 the Welsh Art Council funded a major retrospective Exhibition that travelled throughout Wales. His work has been reproduced in more than forty publications and his repertoire of medium has extended from water colour to include mixed media on paper and canvas, huge pencil drawings and a unique method of working with ink on scraper board.

Terence Lambert

‘’I don’t have a preferred medium, one method informs another. The surfaces, canvas, paper or scraper board change according to the scale and texture of the habitat and subject I am creating. I prepare pencil studies, followed by more complex drawings before painting. At each stage changes occur so that the finished work experiences its own evolution’’.

Bettws Hall

‘‘Since Bettws Hall was founded, our team has worked tirelessly to develop some of the finest sporting estates in the UK.’’

Bettws Hall

Gwyn Evans

Here at Bettws Hall, Ann, myself and the whole team pride ourselves on combining the finest driven pheasant and partridge shooting in the UK with sporting destinations of the highest standards. Luxury accommodation and convivial hospitality have been created in order to etch lasting memories for you, your friends, colleagues and guests.


Since Bettws Hall was founded, nearly 30 years ago, we have worked tirelessly to develop some of the finest sporting estates across the UK. The number of returning guests year after year is testament to the vigorous attention to detail that we put into improving each estate on an annual basis. We accommodate for both full teams, and individual pegs in our roving syndicate. Our Estates such as Brigands and Vaynor Park have become bucket list regulars for many of the country’s top shots. And we continue to evolve with Plas Dinam our newest estate becoming much talked about after its first season last year and Maesmawr Hall growing in size for this forthcoming season. We are ever progressing.

Game Hatchery

Our world renowned Estates are just that, as a result of the hard work that goes in on our Game Farm each Spring and Summer. This is equally as import an element of our business, as the shooting, as we are currently operating the largest game hatchery in Europe. This season we set 8.1 million eggs and have reared in excess of 1.7 million poults. This is only achieved by following the strictest bio security measures ensuring we produce top quality chicks and poults for our own estates and clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

World Wide

Over the past few decades we have been fortunate enough to meet many likeminded individuals who share the same ambition for creating sporting perfection around the world. Natural progression has led us to launch our World Wide department. We have personally selected a portfolio of destinations that offer unrivalled sporting opportunities along with stunning locations and first class hospitality across the globe, so that our clients’ season doesn’t have to end of 1st February.

World of Art

This new collaboration with Terence is very exciting to us all and we are privileged to be creating this collection alongside someone who is so well respected in the world of Art and specifically Ornithological Art. We do hope you enjoy the pieces as much as we do.

Gwyn Evans.

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